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    Providing the business with cash to run day-to-day operations, such as purchase new plant and equipment, increase the working capital or cash needed on a daily basis to keep the business growing, expand inventory, expand the staff, and address other needs.

     The industry needs knowledgeable professionals who can educate small business owners in the financial management of their businesses.  In every community and neighborhood, small businesses are alive and thriving. A thriving enterprise makes a real contribution to our local, and even our national, economic wellbeing.  In some case however, small businesses struggle. Frequently, these small business owners have great products and services but lack financial resources to be as successful and profitable as they can be. As a financing consultant we bring these small businesses together with lending institutions to create synergistic, profitable relationships.

     In fact, thousands of business loans are extended every day to those who apply with reasonable and well-prepared requests. Outside financing may well keep struggling, but potentially successful businesses alive, lucrative and growing. Our role as a financing consultant can be critical in helping these struggling small businesses become more profitable.