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Government contractors are often asked to follow specific pamphlet when working with DCAA auditors and in responding to government procurement and administrative process.  As an expert in federal government cost accounting, we assist government contractors in understanding applicable requirements and help ease the contract process.  We tailor DCAA accounting system compliant requirements to the specific situation of each of our government contractor client. Entrust us and you will have peace of mind and protection on your business relationship with the federal government.  Consult us to help you:


  • Prepare a chart of account to be compliant with federal government requirement     

  • Design a proper accounting system review that respond to DCAA auditor questions

  • Implement a reliable internal control in compliance with DCAA requirements           

  • Develop procedures for the segregation of direct costs from indirect costs

  • Prepare periodic DCAA cost reports using QuickBooks and or ICAT.           

  • Maintain accounting books under general ledger control acceptable by DCAA