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Businesses using Intuit solution software as their accounting software need reliable people on whom they can relay when they are in need of help while carrying their daily activities.  As an answer to this important business need, Intuit has certified experts, called proadvisors, who has been tested and certified on a range of QuickBooks products. As one of the experts, Jean Pierre Bassi Bikai is dedicated to creating and maintaining businesses’ computerized accounting system.  He provide a higher quality service in a timely manner and deliver expert QuickBooks knowledge enabling businesses to have financial records and sound decision making reports. Jean Pierre provides among others the following services:


  • QuickBooks product selection

  • QuickBooks set–up

  • QuickBooks Diagnostics

  • QuickBooks Training

  • QuickBooks Tune-up.   

  • Other ongoing QuickBooks Services such as payroll. 


For more information, please CLICK HERE to visit my personal INTUIT page.