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Bass Accounting and Tax Services-CPA, LLC is a Certified Public Accounting Firm located in the Eastern region of the United States of America. The corporate office is in Gaithersburg, Maryland, between route 355 and Chestnut Street. The firm’s mission is to assure businesses’ long run growth. Bass Accounting & Tax Services-CPA, LLC draws its reputation on the quality of the services its staff provides to clients. We believe that business owners will better use their limited time focusing on the core activities than fretting over confusing accounting, tax and business rules. Our daily goals are to provide to businesses the information, knowledge, and the wisdom to make better business decisions, increase confidence, and improve financial insights.  We reach these goals with comprehensive Accounting and Bookkeeping, Tax, Audit and Assurance, QuickBooks Consulting and Business Advice services we provide to a variety of industries since our creation in 2012.

We offer the specific type of services every firm needs at an affordable package based prices. Contact us for a free consultation at 301-956-8600 and let us help you enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.