Big Data

Analyzing and managing big data provides an enormous opportunity to gain critical insight from new and developing sources of data. How your agency defines its data strategy and approach will make a critical difference in your ability to effectively manage your data. The challenges facing agencies with capturing big data analytics arise with curating data, searching through vast amounts of data, storing data, and keeping sensitive data secure and private. By properly analyzing big data, agencies can reduce improper payments with effective fraud protection strategies. State and local entities can take advantage of big data’s ability to help with Smart Grid Metering’s regulatory requirements of storing data for seven years and properly analyzing that data.

With the growth of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data there has never been a better time to drive improvements in customer engagement, process performance, and strategic decision-making.  Through our partnerships with various brands, like Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Veritas, we provide solutions for the top data challenges facing public sector agencies.

Data Protection

Solutions from NetApp and Veritas provide the most advanced technologies that can help simplify and reduce the cost, risk, and time to value for deployed big data. These state-of-the-art technologies enable efficient data transfers, reliable backups, instant restores, simplified disaster recovery, and flexible multi-data center replication configurations. NetApp turns investment in data protection into a business accelerator by enabling you to reuse data protection infrastructure and replicated data for other purposes, such as in application development and testing and business intelligence. Veritas’s NetBackup Platform is able to break down silos and simplify the global deployment, management, and protection of virtually any workload to any storage, anywhere. These solutions address big data challenges and reflect the new technologies that help enterprises effectively protect ever-expanding volumes of data.

         Data Storage

Data storage systems offer storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management. Solutions from NetApp address the challenges that face your growing and dynamic agency by extending the innovation of NetApp Data ONTAP, the world’s number one branded storage operating system. The unified cluster architecture scales and adapts to your changing needs, and reduces risk and cost. It also provides a clear approach to deploy your vision of the cloud, whether private, public, or a hybrid infrastructure. Data storage solutions are designed to eliminate downtime, allowing you to service your infrastructure without disrupting access to user data and applications, even during regular business hours.  

        Big Data Analytics

With Big Data Analytics from brands like Oracle Big Data Appliance is a high-performance, secure platform for running diverse workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL systems. With Oracle Big Data SQL, Oracle Big Data Appliance extends Oracle’s industry-leading implementation of SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL systems. By combining the newest technologies from the Hadoop ecosystem and powerful Oracle SQL capabilities together Alteryx, you able to Access, integrate, and clean sources of data as varied as Hadoop (including Cloudera & MapR) or NoSQL (MongoDB) and Excel or Teradata.  We provide sophisticated but accessible predictive and spatial tools, combined in a simple, workflow design environment. We also provide Real Time Streaming Analytics from brands like Software AG that allow you to manage and access explosive volumes of data while accelerating the processing and real-time analysis of big data. 

        Structured & Unstructured Analytics

Leverage products like NetApp proven performance to gain real-time insights from your structured data. Unstructured analytics allow you to analyze your unstructured big data workloads with higher efficiency, scale with greater flexibility.

        Big Data Appliance

on a single pre-configured platform, Oracle Big Data Appliance is uniquely able to support rapid development of new Big Data applications and tight integration with existing relational data. Oracle Big Data Appliance is pre-configured for secure environments leveraging Apache Sentry, Kerberos, both network encryption and encryption at rest as well as Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall.

        Big Data in the Cloud

Solutions from Oracle and AWS make it easy to provision the services needed to turn that data into actionable information for each agency. We offer software as a service (Saas), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud solutions to help securely store data. Some of the benefits of cloud storage include:

Business Applications

Increasing productivity and streamlining processes with less resources is key for government agency mission success. With our business application solutions, you get secure, cost effective productivity tools that let you keep your focus on mission critical activities. DLT helps you make..... click here for more